Fighting Depression Naturally

Depression is a reality today and more people are suffering from it in more ways than one. It’s a menace that is claiming more lives today than it did decades ago. Sometimes those suffering from it don’t have the slightest idea they do, and although friends and family should help, it’s crucial one is aware of their mental health. If there are things bothering you, talk about it! Get to know what you can do to better the situation. 

  • Be in a Social Atmosphere 

Being alone or simply isolating yourself from other people is not good for your health especially when suffering from depression. This mental illness tends to force you to be alone but don’t let this happen. Talk to people, attend social events, go for movies, and dates. This will improve your condition and as time goes by, the depression will be gone. 

  • Have a Daily Exercise Routine

Mental exhaustion contributes to worsening depression. By exercising for about 30 minutes daily, you will be promoting your mental health and you feel more relaxed. You do not have to engage in extreme workouts but rather simple ones such as aerobics, taking an evening walk or jogging in the morning. You can also opt to go to the gym where you meet people that you can talk to. 

  • Practice Meditation Regularly

Meditation helps with many health issues that include depression. Regular meditation will help in calming your mind as you get lost in a new world of mental freedom. It’s a practice that is popular in the East and one that is known to be effective in enhancing mental wellness. You should get a teacher to train you on this since its easy to get distracted during meditation sessions. Focus is crucial and it’s the only way that can be effective in setting your mind free.

  • Don’t Forget to Sleep Enough

Sufficient sleep is important to your overall health. You might suffer from insomnia due to depression but do your best to sleep enough. However, don’t rely on medication for better sleep.  One thing that will help with this is having a regular sleep pattern. 

Changing your lifestyle by embracing regular exercising, meditating, socializing, and having sufficient sleep are ways that you can fight depression naturally. Socializing is particularly important in this situation as you get to engage your mind with positive things rather than what is leading you into depression.

Ways that you Can Prevent Neck Pain

For those that sit behind a desk for long hours whether it’s at work or in school, they stand a risk of experiencing chronic pain. This is one of the reasons that health experts recommend the use of ergonomic seats. We must work and there is something that you can do about your siting positions to prevent neck pain. 

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a discomfort you experience on your neck or the top of the shoulders. It’s like a burning sensation, a feeling of tiredness or a tightness. It will make your head feel like it’s too heavy and all you want is relax.

•          Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching your muscles will help prevent chronic neck pain caused by prolonged hours of working. For this to be effective, it must be done regularly, and one must engage in the appropriate exercises. The exercises should focus on strengthening the lower shoulder blade area and the back of the neck muscles. Besides regular exercises, it’s crucial that one stretches these muscles often.

•             Don’t Sit for Prolonged Hours

Your job or studies require you to stand for prolonged hours, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can stand and still do your job considering that there are desks that are designed to allow you to work while standing. They are adjustable depending on the height you are comfortable with. Besides the desk, you can stand while attending a meeting or a conference. In such a scenario, you can opt to get an anti-fatigue floor mat and by standing on it, you will be reducing the chances of chronic neck pain.

·         Maintain a Good Posture

A poor sitting position exacerbates neck pain. Whether you are sitting, walking or standing, a good posture goes a long way in helping prevent neck pain. Sit upright, your elbows should rest on the desk and you should not be too close to the computer.

·         Walk Regularly

Walking is simple since you must do it. The trick is doing it with the appropriate posture. Even when you drive everywhere, take a few minutes to walk daily. Take the stairs instead of the lift, take your dog for a walk, engage in different chores in the house and play with your kids.  This will be of significant help.

Neck pain brings a huge discomfort when you sit behind a desk for prolonged hours. Walk regularly, maintain a good posture always and stretch your muscles from time to time.

How to get the most suitable health policy

Whenever there are medical needs, health coverage comes in handy. It’s the best way to take care of the bills as sometimes it can be overwhelming. Health policies are not the same. They come with their own differences and it’s advisable that you compare them to ensure that you pick what suits you the most.

Consider Co-Payment or Excess

This is an option that will help you lower your health insurance premium. What this means is that in the event that you are hospitalized, you will pay a pre-determined amount regardless of how long your stay at the hospital is. This is a great option especially for those with medical conditions. It’s important that you understand how the insurance company translates this.

Choose Insurance Policy that Works with Your Care Provider

You definitely have a hospital that you prefer being treated in. Not every health insurance provider will have an agreement with every other hospital thus you have to choose ones that have an agreement. On the other hand, you may prefer a specific health insurance provider, get to learn the hospitals they work with and whether you are comfortable with them.

Pay the Health Insurance Premium in Advance

Insurance providers review their premiums annually and this means that to save some money, you should pay before they are increased. With such an option, you pay the previous year’s rate unlike someone with the same premium who pays after they are increased. You still get the same services.

Compare Various Policies

Different insurers offer different benefits to health policies. It is only through comparing several of them that you are able to get the most suitable one. The most important services are what you need and not the filler ones thus this is what you should be on the lookout for.

Consider Your Specific Needs

It’s crucial that you understand your specific needs before you can purchase a health policy or even compare several of them. Actually, this is the only way you will find a suitable policy. This includes considering common health challenges with people at your age especially if you are elderly and whether you have any medical condition.

By understanding the features that you need in health policy, it will be easier for you to compare several of them and settle for the most ideal one. If you are planning to have kids, consider a policy with pregnancy services. Consider paying the policy in advance, compare several of them and consider co-payment.

How to Handle Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

When you stop smoking, it is highly likely that you may start experiencing headaches and dizziness. These are known as withdrawal symptoms that you can fight with daily habits. Health experts advise people to stop smoking as this habit is associated with health issues such as heart diseases and cancer among others. How can you handle the withdrawal symptoms?

Some of the Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect

Anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, dizziness, fatigue, cravings, stress and concentration problems are just some of the issues that you could experience. You need to properly manage these issues to avoid feeling terrible emotionally and physically.

Engage in Breathing Exercises

Lack of fresh air leads to headaches but you can relieve this stress. To reduce the headaches that you experience, you should engage in breathing exercises. Do this several times and you will fight off those intense headaches.

Do not Stop Smoking Abruptly

You do not wake up and decide that no more cigarettes after being a chain smoker. This is a habit that is best stopped gradually. The problem is that since your body has been used to nicotine and it’s no longer supplied, as usual, it starts reacting to the lack. This is the reason you should start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis and you will be able to stop ultimately.

Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this therapy is effective in helping you quit your smoking habits completely. The good thing about this therapy is that there are several types you can choose from depending on your preferences. You can opt for the nicotine patch, lozenges, nasal spray or inhaler. With this therapy, your body will be adjusting slowly to the symptoms withdrawal and gradually you will no longer have the craving to smoke.

Drink plenty of Liquids

Dehydration worsens headaches and it will be worse when you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms. About drinks, you should avoid caffeinated drinks as they are dehydrating and instead take herbal teas, plenty of water and fresh juices with no additives.

Quitting smoking can be a big challenge especially during the first few weeks and if you are not careful, you could get a relapse. Practice the habits that will help you stop completely, exercise and avoid going on diet. Your body needs to be strong enough to fight the withdrawal symptoms.

Ways to Boost the Health of Your Skin (Largest Body Organ)

The largest organ of your body is your skin. With this being a fact, you need to take care of it not only for its strength, but also for its health. There are different skin types but there is some universal care that should be factored in.

Changing your pillow case regularly, keeping the skin hydrated, wearing sunscreen and having a skin care routine are some of these things. It’s important that you get into a habit of taking care of your skin.

Fight Free-Radical Damage with Antioxidants

Anti-oxidants do wonders to your skin. Environmental factors such as smoke, stress, sleep deprivation and poor eating habits stresses your skin leading to premature aging, loss of elastic tissues and collagen damage. These are some of the things that increase free-radical damage. To avoid this kind of damage, it is important that you take foods rich in anti-oxidants. This is because they will stabilize the free radicals.

Have a Skincare Routine

Develop a skincare routine that will boost the overall health of the skin. Your skin gets exposed to a lot of things such as sun, debris and dust throughout the day. It’s important that you remove them including the makeup at the end of the day and follow a routine to ensure the best cleansing. Cleanse the skin using the ideal cleanser for your skin type, use a serum or retinol, moisturize and wear sunscreen before leaving the house.

Seal In Moisture with the Right Moisturizers

Almond and coconut oil are great in sealing in moisture. Sealing in moisture is pretty important as this will protect the skin from the effects of dryness. When your skin is excessively dry, it will not be performing its functions.

Some of the things that lead to excessive dryness are such as low humidity, cold temperatures and due to indoor heating. By sealing in moisture with the right products, you will keep your skin healthy and you will generally feel good.

Wash Your Face the Right Way

It is recommended that you wash your skin at least twice a day and while at it, do it in the right way. The most important thing to avoid here is stripping natural oils off your skin. Remove all the makeup and the pollutants that have built-up on the surface by using a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Never go to bed without cleaning your face.

Your skin has a great role and as it ages, better care should never be ignored. By taking care of it, you will not only be delaying aging, you will also be preventing premature aging.

Ways to Boost a Healthy Lifestyle for the Whole Family

A healthy lifestyle is important for the whole family and not just for adults. This helps in the building of strong muscles and bones that prevent diseases such as osteoporosis later in life. Proper nutrition and at least 30 minutes of physical exercises on a daily basis can boost this.*

Set Your Fitness Goals and Track Them

Depending on the fitness and age, help each other to set goals and track them. If one should walk for a kilometer a day or do 150 skips or 50 squats, set the goals and ensure that this is done as planned. The goals should be realistic and this means that they should not be intense.

Intensity should be increased gradually as the bodies adapt to the workout routine. Goals should also be reviewed from time to tie.


Exercise Together

Exercising together is a great way to ensure that everyone sticks to their exercise routine, they are working towards their goals and having fun while at it. Just in case anyone is bored or they are derailed, you can help them stay on track.

Set a time that you can engage in some exercises together such as walking in the evening, jogging in the morning or playing a game on the weekend.

Discuss and Set a Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plays a great role in how healthy you are. Your body needs minerals and vitamins to keep healthy. Even when you exercise for more than 1 hour daily and you do not embrace healthy eating habits, the exercises will not be of much benefit as they should. Plan menus with your family and incorporate healthy foods into every meal.  


Enroll For Workout Program

Enrolling for a workout program with several family members is a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle. It is easier to follow a program when you are motivating each other. The one advantage with fitness centers today is that there are kid-friendly ones making it possible to train as a family.

It’s fun and easy when a family works together towards the same goals. Exercising and maintaining a routine is not easy as many tend to get bored along the way. Besides having a plan and maintaining it, it is also important that you have fun while at it.

Help each other to maintain a healthier lifestyle and the whole family will reduce the chances of getting lifestyle-related diseases.


Things That Lead To an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Did you know that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to many issues that include violence, skeletal problems, cardiovascular issues and overweight among others? It may never cross your mind that an unhealthy lifestyle could lead to violence. This happens when one starts to abuse alcohol and drugs to a point that they cannot control what they are doing.


Things That Play a Role in Unhealthy Lifestyle

Some of the things that play a role here are unbelievable but it is quite unfortunate that most of these things are here to stay.


  • Technology

Since the onset of technology, the way that we live has been revolutionized. Most employees depend on technology to do their jobs and even get paid. Technology plays its part in promoting unhealthy lifestyles in many ways. Misuse of technology is a health hazard as it does not only put your mental health in danger, but it also puts your physical health in danger.


  • Medication Abuse


When one opts for self-treatment and prescribes his or her own medication, they are abusing drugs. This is another cause of an unhealthy lifestyle and it’s sad that the rate of those abusing drugs has increased. They are abusing antibiotics and pain relievers among others.


How Medication Abuse Leads To an Unhealthy Lifestyle


Health experts say that when your body gets used to certain drugs such as antibiotics mostly from self-medication, your immune system becomes resistant to this. This is not interesting because it’s easy to get an allergy and complications as the drugs will no longer be compatible with your body.

  • Sleep disorders


You probably like using your internet enabled devices until late into the night and you wake up early. You barely sleep for 6 hours in a night. An unhealthy lifestyle could easily cause these kinds of disorders that could also have psychological problems.


  • Studying


It is quite interesting that studying regularly improves your health. This is not because you learn tips on how to improve your health but because you are exercising your soul. Experts say that regular studying improves your physical and mental health lowering the onset of diseases such as the Alzheimer.


Being in perfect health and doing your best to maintain that is the best gift you can give yourself. This is because poor health leads to serious chronic diseases, disability and in worse scenarios death. Your lifestyle has a lot of influence in your general health.

Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is one of the most important things that you can enjoy in this life. Besides being healthy, there are plenty of advantages of being in perfect health.


Whether you are young or old, you should practice the art of staying healthy by making the right choices on a daily basis. You not reduce the risks of diseases such as diabetes, but you enjoy life more.


Why Healthy Lifestyle Is Important

The benefits that you reap from adapting a healthy lifestyle are endless.  Combining a workout routine, a healthy diet and a stress-free life will give you more than you bargain for.


It becomes easier to manage your weight

When you live a healthy lifestyle, it will be easier for you to manage your weight. Managing your weight significantly eradicates the risk of obesity-related illnesses and heart diseases. Obesity is a huge problem to children and teenagers at large and the worst part is that it leads to serious health issues such as high blood pressure.


Exercises such as walking, jogging and strength-training are significant when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. If you cannot make it to the gym regularly, have a simple workout routine with exercises that you can perform anywhere.


You Increase Your Longevity

We all have a life expectancy and one great cause of pre-mature death is a poor lifestyle. This means that you should work towards a healthier lifestyle which includes having a positive attitude, taking care of your body and reducing stress.


Increased Strength and Stamina

Your body will generally feel weak and you will experience low stamina when you live an unhealthy lifestyle. With a healthy lifestyle, your body is energized, you do not struggle with fatigue, you become more productive in your daily activities and your muscles are well maintained. Your heart muscles remain strong which is very vital.


You Reduce the Risk of Fractures and fall

Muscle mass and bone density reduces as we age but living a healthy lifestyle will reduce the effects of age. Including exercises such as walking, aerobics and sports among other activities will help build your muscle mass and bone density. Osteoporosis will not be an issue. Common fractures and falls will not be a part of your life.


Improved General Health

A healthy lifestyle which should be a routine improves your general health. This will not only reduce your doctor’s visits but also costs meaning that common illnesses will be a thing of the past.

Wearable Fitness Technology to Get You Fit in 2018

2017 saw wearable fitness technology soar up. Sure, the real sports buffs had a heart-rate motor before, but now it seems that everyone has a smartwatch tracking their movements. The wearable fitness tech industry is expected to reach $12.4 billion by 2022 in the United States alone. Getting in shape doesn’t require crazy gadgets, but as people get more serious about their fitness so does the technology. As with everything in life, demand commands variety and as a consequence, there are hundreds of options, versions, and models out there.

It’s confusing, we know!

Therefore we have made a list of some of the biggest names and newest trends for you to have a basic idea.

What to Have in Mind

Before running off to spend your hard-earned cash, give these thoughts a ponder. What’s your sport? Every sport brings with it different needs and this should be reflected in your fitness gadgets. Thinking of being the next Michael Phelps? Look for a monitor that can go underwater such as TomTom Multi-Sport or Garmin Vivoactive.

Runners look for a device that can measure at least the basic parameters such as distance, time and heart rate and do so without the need to drag around your smartphone. A requirement frequently considered are watches that have an independent GPS included.

Step 2: Money Money Money

Set a budget. Prices have enormous ranges and it is easy to get carried away. Most fitness tech that has acceptable precision ranges from $50 – 250


Smartwatches are for the busy multitasker, allowing you to answer emails, read messages, manage your music, and pick up your phone, all while measuring the number of steps taken. If you are looking for a fitness gadget that will help you improve your health, this tech option may contain more features than necessary. More is not always better, so give it a good thought first. Some of the biggest names include: Apple Watch, Polar M600 and LG Watch Style.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers focus on your activity, heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and in some cases hours slept. It is not better nor worse, it simply depends on your preference and what you plan to use your gadget for. Just as with Smartwatches there is sea of options.
The quality of fitness trackers may vary greatly, so before buying keep the following in mind:

  • Price
  • Heart Rate monitor accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life
  • Supporting App
  • Independent GPS
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Presence of Screen
  • Extras features

“Invisible” Tracking

Yes, you read correctly. Invisible trackers. It all depends on how serious you are about your fitness, how accurate it has to be or if you plan to wear it every day all day. The newest trends are trackers embedded in clothes or hidden in jewelry.

Whether you don’t trust yourself to remember to plug in your heart monitor or do not like the design of other fitness technology, these may be real options for you. Some new trackers out there include the JBL UA Sports Wireless Heart Rate Headphones, Under Armour Gemini, 3 RE smart shoes, or for the serious Athlete Myontec Mbody connected shorts.

Me, Myself and My Needs

With the thousands of options out there, it is difficult to choose. Make sure to take your time to consider what you are aiming for, what your needs are, and what you expect of your device. For ever person, there is a fitness gadget to match.

Find the perfect Fitness Tracker for you here.

Sedentary Behaviors and the Effects on Health

Sedentary behavior refers to time spent sitting down or lying down. Some of the common sedentary behaviors include reading, driving, watching TV, using a computer or sleeping. Over the past decade, research shows that sedentary behavior has significantly increased and the evidence is in the numerous health risks presented by health practitioners.

Deaths due to sedentary behaviors amount to almost the number of smoking deaths. Here are some of the most common effects of such practices:

Mood Change

Are you feeling down, the reason may be due to too much sitting? An Australian study revealed that people sitting for more than six hours were prone to moderate psychological distress such as tiredness, nervousness, hopeless and restless. This was a comparison to people who sat for less than three hours or less.

More so, the study revealed that sedentary behaviors such as watching TV or playing video games increased anxiety among people. Recommendations to fix such problems includes small walks, little exercises and avoiding sitting too much. Exercise has proved to boost your mood significantly through endorphins that cause good moods.

Cancer Risk

A German meta-analysis of numerous studies involving over 4 million people showed that people sitting too much risked developing colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and lung cancer. This is because people tend to feed on junk and sweetened beverages which pose more health risks.

Feeding on such foods and drinks also increases chances of obesity at an early age. Increased fats in the body can accelerate cancer risks significantly. Therefore, reducing sitting hours and developing a physical exercise routine will increase better health.


Too much sitting has been linked to brain health deterioration. For elderly adults, long sitting hours have been associated with dementia according to a Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The study conducted involved over 1600 seniors over 65 years.

While the chances of developing dementia were twice for those with the gene than those without, sedentary behaviors increased their chances for dementia as with those with the gene.

The solution was simple as it only involved straightforward and regular exercises such as walking to reduce the chances of getting dementia. The study is enough to encourage even those below 65 to increase physical activates to reduce such instances of dementia.

Slowed Sex Life

Sedentary behaviors may lead to a gut that ultimately affects the penis and men’s sexual health. A Harvard study revealed that men with a fat belly or those with a waist line of over 42 inches, were more likely to get erectile dysfunction than those with a 32 inches waist or lower.

Also, men who spent over five hours sitting down were more likely to have a lower sperm count than those who were active. Men with an active lifestyle through exercises were found to have a healthy sexual appetite.

Cardiovascular Health

These diseases include heart diseases, blood pressure and circulation and vascular health. It was revealed through a Get Britain Standing research that high sedentary behavior increased chances of cardiovascular diseases among adults, youth, and school children.